The Dangers of Old Camp Furnishings

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Old camp furnishings are hazardous, and not just to the eyes. Worn out furnishings like bunk beds or mattresses can lead to serious issues like a bed bug outbreak or bodily harm.

Over time, mattress covers can begin to crack if not properly maintained. These cracks in the mattress cover can collect and harbor bacteria. After cracks develop in the mattress cover, bacteria can work its way into the mattress core. However, there is a simple solution. As long as the foam mattress, innerspring mattress, or fiber-core mattress still has integrity you can simply replace the mattress cover. Replacement covers are anti-microbial, anti-fungal and fluid-proof when maintained.

Ripped mattresses are a bed bug hazard. These mattresses end up becoming a breeding ground and haven for bed bugs. Unfortunately, whenever bed bugs are present inside a mattress the mattress is considered unsalvageable. If the ripped mattress has not been infested with bed bugs and the foam is not damaged, repairing the mattress is as simple as replacing the mattress cover. All our camp mattress covers and camp mattresses feature inverted seams making it bed bug proof. offers vinyl mattress covers and nylon mattress covers that are bed bug proof, anti-bacterial, waterproof and extremely durable. Our camp cotton encasement covers feature hypoallergenic, cool natural cotton that are 100% bed bug proof and aide in the detection of bed bugs.

Old bunk beds are a safety hazard to campers. If the bunk bed is missing or has old faulty side rails the risk of injury for a camper increases. Broken bunk bed parts can lead to lacerations, which is the most common injury. Metal bunk beds are durable and bed bug proof, making them an easy solution for these common problems. Metal bunk beds can last upwards of 30 years, making them a good investment for your camp upgrade.  Wooden bunk beds are heavy duty and will last 5-7 years.

Keeping your camp furnishings updated can keep your campers safe and your facility bed bug free. If you want to learn more about preventing bed bugs at camp, the significance of a mattress cover, or need help deciding between metal or wooden bunk beds, check out our blog!

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