Veri Vinyl Innerspring Mattress

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Product Description

MedMattress provides a quality innerspring mattress for residence halls, dorms, and camps. Our Veri Vinyl Innerspring Mattresses are made with Bonnell coils, an insulator pad and polyurethane foam ! Our innerspring mattresses are constructed with 13 Gauge Bonnell coils with 6 Gauge borer wire to increase the durability and lifespan of your mattress!

The Veri Vinyl Mattress by MedMattress is manufactured in California and hand-crafted with CertiPUR-US® certified foam, to ensure the highest quality materials are used. We have a wide variety of sizes available and every mattress meets strict U.S. fire codes, are hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, waterproof and feature inverted bed bug resistant seams. Before leaving our warehouse, all Veri mattresses are tested for quality assurance. 

  • Support – The Veri Vinyl Innerspring Mattress is composed of Bonnell coils, a 0.25” insulator pad and a 0.75” polyester fiber layer so that the pressure points of your body are supported and lifted according to your sleep positions.
  • Waterproof Vinyl Cover – Our Veri Vinyl mattress cover encases the entire mattress and protects the mattress core from weather damage, dirt, bed bugs, and other liquids. The Veri Vinyl covers are typically better suited for higher volume camps and camps with younger kids because of their increased durability when compared to Veri Nylon Covers.
  • Fire Barrier – Our Veri mattresses have a layer of flame resistant fibers, ensuring that the Veri Vinyl mattress meets CFR 16 Part 1633, the federal flammability standard for all mattresses and mattress pads.
  • Bed Bug Resistant – The inverted seams are completely sewn closed for keeping out pesky bed bugs and other unwanted insects.  
  • Use On-The-Go: Our lightweight design and easy-to-store mattresses are perfect for any indoor/outdoor environment. Our vinyl mattress is commonly used in Dormitories & Residential Halls, Camps, Shelters & Transitional Housing, Colleges, Rehab & Recovery Centers and Long-Term Housing Facilities.


  • Fluid & Stain Resistant
  • Antistatic 
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Bed-Bug Resistant



  • Model: Veri Vinyl Innerspring Mattress
  • Cover: 10 Gauge Green Vinyl Cover
  • Mattress Type: Innerspring
  • Innerspring Type: Bonnell Coil
  • Coil Gauge: 13 Gauge with 6 Gauge Border Wire
  • Coil Count: 312 Coils (Based on Full Size Mattress)
  • Insulator Pad: 0.25″ Thick Layer
  • Polyurethane Foam: 0.75″ Thick Layer
  • Fire Barrier: 0.8 oz Fiber Fire Barrier, CFR 16 Part 1633 Fire Retardant Mattress
  • Mattress Seams: Inverted Bed Bug Resistant Seams, Fully Sealed
  • Made in the USA


Mattress Weight

  • Twin Mattress: 38″ x 74″ x 7.5″ (35 lbs)
  • Twin XL (Dorm) Mattress: 36″ x 80″ x 7.5″ (40 lbs)
  • Full Mattress: 53″ x 74″ x 7.5″ (49 lbs)
  • Queen Mattress: 60″ x 80″ x 7.5″ (60 lbs)


Custom Sizes

Don’t see the exact mattress you’re looking for? MedMattress provides custom innerspring mattresses, foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses for any residence hall, dormitory and camp. Request a custom mattress or contact an account manager at (877) 593-6011.




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