MedMattress Advanced Care Hospital Bed Mattress

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Product Description

MedMattress Advanced Care Hospital Bed Mattress

Ideal for Moderate to High Risk Patients

MedMattress is proud to offer a new line of hospital bed mattresses. The MedMattress Care Mattresses are designed to provide a variety of sleep surface solutions for every patient. The Care hospital mattress collection provides options for every level of care including home care, advanced care and bariatric care. All MedMattress foam mattresses are created with CertiPUR-US® certified foam to ensure the highest quality mattress for your patients.

The MedMattress Advanced Care Med-Surg Mattress is created from a tri-layered, multi-density foam ensuring patient comfort, pressure redistribution and maximum support making it ideal for moderate to high risk patients.


  • Nymed™ healthcare grade nylon top cover features a permanent polyurethane coating providing additional fluid resistance while maintaining integrity and soft-to-the-touch feel
  • Vynmed™ healthcare grade vinyl bottom cover is extremely durable and features a permanent polyurethane coating and a tear-resistant double-sided coating
  • Heavy-duty zippered mattress cover allows for convenient internal mattress inspection and easy replacement
  • Anti-contamination, fluid protection flap redirects fluids away from the zipper reducing the possibility of fluids damaging the foam core
  • Built-in thermally-sealed secondary fluid barrier is placed between mattress cover and foam core to ensure foam remains dry and sanitary if outer cover is compromised
  • Built-in fire barrier protects the foam core and adds an additional layer of fire protection
  • FirmEdge™ passive restraint system is specifically designed with two (2) zones of ultra-firm foam to provide extra support during patient entry or egress
  • CertiPUR-US foam core is comprised of three (3) layers: Soft Conforming Foam, Performance Soft Foam and Supportive Base Foam
  • Mattress cover is fluid resistant, antibacterial, antifungal, stain resistant, antistatic, non-allergenic, non-irritating, self-deodorizing and latex free
  • Conforms to Cal Tech Bulletin 129 and CFR 1633
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Warranty: One (1) year standard with extended warranty options available


MedMattress Advanced Care Hospital Bed Mattress Foam Breakdown 

  1. Nymed™ Healthcare Nylon Cover
  2. Secondary Fluid Barrier
  3. FirmEdge™ Passive Restraint System
  4. 2″ Soft Conforming Foam
  5. 2″ Performance Soft Foam
  6. 2″ Supportive Base Foam
  7. Secondary Fluid Barrier
  8. Vynmed™ Healthcare Vinyl Cover