How to Treat Bedsores

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how to prevent bed sores

What are Bedsores?

Bedsores, or pressure ulcers, are common injuries associated with individuals who are immobile or have limited mobility. These injuries are a product of prolonged pressure on a sensitive area of skin such as the tailbone, hips and ankles. offers two types of mattresses that either prevent or treat bedsores.

A MedPrevention Mattress is a great choice for patients who are partially immobile but can rotate themselves or spend long periods of time lying in bed. Pressure Redistribution Mattresses are specifically designed to prevent skin deterioration and the formation of painful pressure ulcers or bed sores without breaking the budget. The MedUltra Comfort Pressure Redistribution Foam Mattress  uses revolutionary Viscotech™ foam to reduce stress on pressure points by distributing a patient’s weight evenly.  Though Pressure Redistribution Mattresses are designed to prevent bedsores and skin shear, they do not treat or heal bedsores.

Alternating Pressure Mattresses are ideal for patients who currently have or have a history of bedsores or pressure ulcers. Individuals who need assistance adjusting positions or are immobile will also benefit from an Alternating Pressure Mattress. These mattresses will relieve pressure and manage skin moisture by alternating the inflation and deflation of the individual air cells in the mattress. Alternating Pressure Mattresses promote blood flow and circulation for healthy skin, and provide pressure point relief for extra comfort. The Span America PressureGuard Easy Air features Microclimate Management to keep skin cool and dry and lateral rotation (LAL) to alternate pressure from one area of the body to another.

How to Treat Bedsores?

Bedsores and pressure ulcers are extremely expensive to treat. Studies have shown that the average hospital treatment cost associated with stage IV pressure ulcers and related complications was $129,248! It’s recommended to avoid increased medical expenses by using a mattress that either prevents or treats pressure ulcers and bedsores.

When you’re purchasing a new mattress consider the level of mobility of the user. Individuals who are immobile or have limited mobility may want to consider a bedsore Prevention Mattress if they are prone to bedsores. If you currently have pressure ulcers or bed sores then an Alternating Pressure Mattress is your best choice to treat and heal your skin ailment.*

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