Battle of the Bunk Beds

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Your camp cabins set the background for your campers summer of memories. With so many parents and campers posting pictures, your camp can easily gain exposure via social media. New bunks are an easy update that can change the entire look and feel of a space. The largest factor in updating and modernizing your camp is choosing whether you want a Metal Bunk Bed or Wooden Bunk Bed.

Metal Bunk Beds are our most popular due to their increased durability. Many models come in adjustable forms which allow for numerous configuration options. Bunk beds can be converted into single beds and transform the look and feel of a space. We recommend our Adjustable Bunk Bed and our Square Tube Bunk Bed for space saving solutions. Metal Bunks are convenient for camps and dorms because they are more bed bug resistant than wooden bunks. Metal Bunks require minimal upkeep during their 30+ year lifespan and only need a coat of paint if you want a fresh look.

Wooden Bunk Beds are popular due to their traditional look. However, they are not available in adjustable/stackable forms. This may lead to decreased space for beds in a given room. Wooden Bunks can be difficult to rearrange and have a tendency to attract bed bugs more so than metal. Wood is more pliable than metal, and campers tend to enjoy leave their marking behind in the wood. Unfortunately, there aren’t any quick and easy solutions to refreshing the bunk once the wood is damaged, which leads to needing replacement every 5-7 years.

If you want a bunk bed that is easy to arrange, space saving and durable, your best choice is Metal Bunks. Wooden Bunks are ideal for camps or dorms looking for a traditional, rustic look. If you have additional questions or need help figuring out the best bunk bed for your camp or dorm, email us at or give us a call at 877-593-6011!

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