3 Recommendations for Buying Shelter Mattresses

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Mattresses function as the primary foundation in shelters for both small and large facilities across the country. While some shelters and safe houses vary in length of stay, there is a constant cycle of new residents occupying beds at all times. With such a frequent flow of residents, the shelter mattresses in these facilities are exposed to a wide range of populations and need to be considered accordingly. Here are our 3 recommendations for buying shelter mattresses:

  1. Vinyl Cover:  All forms of bacteria and germs are a major concern in facilities with a transient population. It is important that a mattress can be easily disinfected and durable to withstand the frequency of cleaning. A high gauge and tough vinyl will provide quality durability as well as a fluid proof and stain resistant surface for easy and fast cleaning routines. Vinyl is also ideal in circumstances where temperatures are not well regulated and will hold up with moisture better than most materials.
  2. Inverted Seams:  In transient populated facilities, bed bugs are a major concern and can be transported in through clothing, duffle bags, and other belongings. Having an inverted seam eliminates the most popular site for infestation— the seams of a mattress. Once the bed bugs have chewed through external seams, they will reside and procreate inside of the mattress.  In such cases, it becomes nearly impossible to exterminate them. An inverted seam will also aid in preventing any other fluids, lice, etc. from contaminating the mattress.
  3. Foam:  Foam mattresses are often preferred for housekeeping purposes in addition to being more cost effective than innerspring. For the purpose of cleaning and flipping the mattresses, a foam mattress is much lighter and easier to manage. Economically speaking, depending on the size, a foam mattress can save you roughly 40% in comparison to innerspring.

MedMattress.com sells affordable foam shelter mattresses with fixed on vinyl covers to shelters and residence halls across the country! To view pricing and other product specification details, visit our mattress page.