7 Tips for Students to get the Best Sleep Possible

- November 4, 2016
7 Tips for Students to get the Best Sleep Possible

7 Tips for Students to get the Best Sleep Possible

When you rush off to college for the first time, you are never quite prepared for the rapid life changes and adjustments you need to make. It can be a much harsher transition than the average first year student has prepared for. The mix of anxiety about all of the new things you’re experiencing, the pressure to succeed, and the opportunities you don’t want to feel like you’re missing out on, can just drain your energy.

One of the best ways to recharge: Getting better sleep!

Making the effort to get enough sleep every night will help you keep up your grades, feel better, and have more energy for the things you really want to do!

As you’re heading into Mid-Term season across the country…


Here are 7 tips to try to help you get into the right frame of mind for sleep:

  1. Avoid caffeine at night, and limit it during the day.
  2. Skip alcohol before bed.
  3. Don’t sleep in on weekends or days when you have late class; wake up close to the same time every day.
  4. Don’t study or work on your computer in bed.
  5. Pick the best mattress for you…A great base is the best place to start!
  6. Exercise earlier in the day, never just before bed.
  7. Sleep with earplugs and use an eye pillow to drown out any bright lights and the noise of loud roommates or dorm mates. (As best you can)


BONUS TIP: Turn out the lights when it’s time to go to bed; a bright room will keep you awake.

College is a place to learn and grow. Just remember not to lose sight of your own well-being and create those healthy habits that will improve your life for years to come!

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