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Complete your mattress purchase by outfitting it with bedding, side rail bumpers or transfer pads.

Free Shipping Mattresses

on every order
With us you’ll never pay for shipping again!

Free Shipping Mattresses

on every mattress
If you find a lower price we’ll match it! offers a variety of bedding accessories including fleece blankets, dormitory bed pillows, camp bunk pillows, customized dormitory sheet collections, customized camp bunk sheet sets, side rail safety products, and AirPal air assisted lateral patient transfers. We offer transfer pads for EMS, transfer pads to reduce user fatigue, transfer pads for rapid patient turnaround, and transfer pads for easy repositioning of patients. Our side rail bumpers are used to reduce patient injury and protect patients against bed entrapment. We offer a variety of accessories for medical beds and medical mattresses at the lowest price, including free shipping.