Geo-Mattress UltraMax Stretcher Mattress

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Product Description

Designed to exceed even the most rigorous requirements of the acute care environment.

Precision-engineered to deliver critical performance advantages inside and out! On the outside, the individually articulating cells of the clinically proven Geo-Matt® top surface combine
with Span-America’s proprietary Shear Transfer Zones® design to provide unmatched protection from the harmful effects of micro shear, macro shear and rotational shear. Helps reduce caregiver injury by “gliding” the user back to position following head of bed elevation. On the inside, the 3-Dimensional Zoning™ core design of the UltraMax provides anatomically calibrated levels of support and unmatched user comfort. And in the seat area – where the mechanical fatigue of bed gatching and concentrated user weight affect durability most – the unique cell structure of the high resiliency UHP 500™ layer provides a 55% higher Support Factor than found in typical medical grade foams. Viscoelastic foam and gentle Heel Slope® provide added protection at vulnerable heels.