Ferno PROFlexx Series Replacement Mattress


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Product Description

The Ferno PROFlexx Series Mattress features a black vinyl-coated nylon cover with heat-sealed seams that resists abrasions, is fire-resistant, and bacteriostatic. The vinyl coat assists in repelling blood and other bodily fluids. The wide head-end area comfortably accommodates larger patients and provides spacious arm room during intubation and CPR. This mattress is compatible with the 35 and 93 Series Ferno PROFlexx Ambulance Cots.

  • Optional underside pocket to store transfer board
  • Vinyl-coated nylon cover with heat-sealed seams
  • Fire-resistant
  • Bacteriostatic
  • Will not absorb blood or bodily fluids

Compatible Cots:

  • Model 35 Series
  • Model 93 Series

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