Ferno 460 Bolster Mattress


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Product Description

Ferno 460 Bolster Stretcher Mattress

Minimize lateral patient movement with the Ferno 460 Bolster Cot Mattress. The sides of the mattress are beveled to cradle the patient and to deliver a superior sense of safety. The vinyl-coated nylon cover resists abrasions, fire-resistant and bacteriostatic. The vinyl coat assists in repelling blood and other bodily fluids and is available in burgundy or orange. This mattress is compatible with Ferno cot Model 35A, Model 30NM, and Model 93ES.

  • Beveled side bolsters
  • Vinyl-coated nylon cover
  • Center foam section has beveled side bolsters that cradle the patient
  • Provides secure feeling for patient while minimizing lateral movement
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Bacteriostatic
  • Repels blood and bodily fluids

Compatible Cots:

  • Model 35A
  • Model 30NM
  • Model 93ES

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