Span-America Geo-Mattress® with Wings


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Product Description

The Span-America Geo-Mattress® with Wings Features:


  • Bacteriostatic top fabric that is fire resistant, fluid-proof, tear resistant, replaceable, and easy to clean
  • Pleated design allows full integration with the mattress’s Geo-Matt style shear-relieving surface while minimizing hammocking

GeoMatt Cut Foam Top:

  • High density, medical grade foam
  • Unique geometric design consisting of over 800 individual cells, that each act individually to redistribute pressure, reduce heat and moisture buildup on the skin, and reduce shear to underlying tissues
  • Includes unique Heel Slope™ feature, designed to further reduce pressure for the sensitive heel area


  • Single density and ILD, high quality foam for excellent value for budget-conscious facilities

Raised Perimeter Edges:

  • Stable, high-density side bolster with angled top surface
  • Forms firm base for the Geo-Matt top that covers the mattress top side to side
  • Bolster and angled top encourage patients to stay in bed and discourage rolling and unattended bed exits
  • Raised edge minimizes gaps between the bedrail and the mattress, limiting the risk of entrapment

Heel Slope:

  • Reduces pressure on heels with a subtle taper design that redistributes pressure onto the more load-tolerant calves

Weight Capacity:

  • 400 lbs