Medical Grade Infant Warmer Pad with Support Insert

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Product Description

Medical Grade Infant Warmer Pad w/ Support Insert

General Information:

  • Sizes available for all models

Meets California Technical Bulletins 117 and 121 Disposable pads are sold in packages of 25 Bassinet and Infant Care Station mattresses are sold in packages of 5 Other mattresses are sold individually
Unique Secondary Fluid Barrier:

  • Protects the foam if the outer cover is compromised
  • Thermally sealed polyurethane
  • Unique two-way protection
  • Prevents plasticizers in the foam from embrittling the fabric
  • Extends life of mattress and cover

SURE-CHEK® Healthcare Fabric Cover:

  • Designed to achieve highest level of comfort and clinical efficacy
  • Fluid proof – guards the inner mattress core from liquid and body fluid contamination
  • Anti-microbial, anti-static, stain resistant, abrasion resistant, non-allergenic, tear resistant, self-deodorizing, and easy to sanitize

Multi-Layered, High Resiliency, Medical Grade, Urethane Foam:

  • Layered for optimal comfort, support, and durability

Latex Free:

  • Reduces risk of allergic reactions

Features Available Upon Request:

  • Option available to meet California Technical Bulletin 129
  • Option available to meet Boston Fire Code IX-11
  • SURE-CHEK® Electrolite® conductive fabric cover
  • Color code tags that permit departmental identification