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Posey’s line of bed safety products are designed to help reduce the risk of bed entrapment, and help protect against side rail injuries.

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If you find a lower price we’ll match it! offers Posey’s line of bed safety products at the lowest prices. Posey’s diverse collection of side rails and bumpers minimizes patient injuries from striking bed side rails. Posey’s products allows for lowering of side rails without removal, openings on side bed rail for easy access to bed controls, waterproof side rail covers, and shear nylon outer shell material to prevent “rub” burns on patient skin. Posey’s line of side rail products are able to fit on Stryker GO Bed II, Hill-Rom CareAssist bed, Hill-Rom Advanta 2 bed, Hill-Rom Affinity II Maternity beds, Hill-Rom Advanta bed, Hill-Rom Century Plus bed, Hill-Rom VersaCare Med/Surg beds, Stryker Secure 1 and Stryker Secure II beds. We offer the lowest prices on medical side rails with free shipping included in each purchase.